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Last Deal Gone Down 

Author: skullage

Description: High school AU. Two months in the same town feels like two years.

Our Review: This is in second person, which I personally adore but I know not everyone does. It tells a really good story though and I think it fits second person perfectly.

#length 1 #au #nc-17 #warning:homophobia #there's other warnings but I think the rest are in most fics so I'll leave tagging them #angst #fluff #maybe? #destiel #destiel fic rec


Author: cheerfulcricket

Description: This is probably the stupidest thing you’ve tried to do all…” Dean paused and thought a little, “Week.” After all, Cas was always asking him to do stupid stuff. Stretched out in front of the fireplace like a lazy cat, Cas turned on the pitiful eyes and Dean sighed. “Fine,” he snapped, “But I’m not stopping doing my homework.”

Our Review: Surprisingly, this is the first AU I’ve recced (chances are any AU rec’s are me..Beth…hello). AU’S ARE MY LIFE. This is cute, it’s short and it’s perfect. Can you not just picture this perfectly!

#length 1 #pg #au #fluff #destiel #destiel fic rec #GEORGIE YOU LOVE AU'S REALLY #YOU DO